Venndale Alcohol & Other Drugs Rehab

Venndale Alcohol & Other Drugs Rehab

Kalano Community Association Inc (KCA) is a local Aboriginal owned and controlled organisation and has a strong and proud history in the Big Rivers region, dating back over 45 years. Kalano has evolved into a dynamic organisation, delivering a wide variety of services focusing on community safety, health and well-being, child, and family support, municipal services, employment, and training to meet our member’s needs. Venndale Residential Rehabilitation Service was established in the early 2000’s.

A twelve-week alcohol and other drug (AOD) adult, residential program, located 35kms south of Katherine. Working with participants to provide opportunity for change and recovery with a primary focus on alcohol and other drugs, health management, life skills and providing access to resources and services, workshops and individualised recovery plans and continued care. Using a culturally appropriate approach to support participants to build on existing strengths and capabilities for re-empowerment and increased abilities to manage their lives, well-being to make informed decisions that directly affect their health and lifestyles. Priority will be given to referrals from, health services, self-referrals, interstate referrals with family in the NT, Banned Drinking Register and Correctional referrals (both for pre-release and those under the supervision of Community Corrections).

Our communities are culturally vibrant, self-sustained and radiate social well-being.

We are creating a positive future for our members, their families and all Aboriginal residents living in our communities. It is a future that supports members to maintain their strong connection to their culture and enables a healthy lifestyle and access to education and employment pathways.

We recognise and value the cultural diversity of our members.

To deliver effective, culturally appropriate programs and services that aim to improve and empower the lives of our families, create healthy homes and communities.

We believe that a well-established and healthy community is driven by Aboriginal people owning and controlling their own destiny. KCA activities are underpinned by our core values:

  • Empowerment
  • Culture
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  •  Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Opportunity 
  • Participation
  • Communication

Referrals can be made by:

  • Yourself, as a self-referrer
  • Family member or Carer
  •  Case Manager or Support Worker
  • General Practitioner
  • Psychologist, Counsellor, or Social Worker
  • Lawyer or Solicitor
  • Department of Corrections
  • Other Service Provider or Organisation

Program Costs

Up to $280 per week, which includes: accommodation, all meals, hygiene and self-care essentials, medical support (not cost of medications), individual and group sessions, living skills program and activities.

What happens next

All referrals will be considered, however anyone with high-risk offences, medical needs or behaviours will need to provide further information so that the safety of the existing participants (and their visitors, including family), staff and the potential participant, if deemed adequate an assessment will be scheduled, however if not, this may result in the referral not being processed and other pathways being recommended.

An assessment will be set up to discuss the program, provide detailed information so that an informed choice can be made about suitability. Once an assessment has been completed for all potential participants, a review panel will consider all factors of the assessment and determine suitability of the program. Once assessed and found suitable, you will be required to go to Wurli Wurlinjang Health Clinic (or your community clinic) for a complete health check on the day of your intake.

Venndale Client Referral Form

Referrer Details
NOTE: Medical Report will need to be completed prior to admission outlining any medical conditions impacting on the clients’ ability to undertake residential treatment, including whether client requires detox.