Katherine Sobering-Up Shelter

Providing Safe Haven and Supportive Recovery

The Katherine Sobering-Up Shelter is a vital resource in the community, offering a safe and supportive environment for individuals in need of sobering-up and recovery services. Committed to promoting well-being and harm reduction, this shelter provides a compassionate space for those facing challenges related to alcohol or substance use.

At the heart of its mission is the provision of a secure place for individuals to sober up, receive basic care, and access resources for their well-being. The shelter also serves as a gateway to additional support services, connecting individuals with counseling, rehabilitation programs, and community resources to facilitate their journey towards recovery.

With a focus on dignity and respect, the Katherine Sobering-Up Shelter plays a crucial role in fostering a non-judgmental atmosphere. By addressing immediate needs and offering pathways to recovery, the shelter stands as a beacon of hope and assistance in the community, contributing to the health and welfare of individuals seeking support in their journey toward sobriety.