Housing, Municipal & Essential Services

Like many remote Aboriginal regions, the Katherine area community faces housing challenges stemming from wider social issues. This has resulted in overcrowding and a rate of homelessness that’s significantly higher than both the Northern Territory and national averages. That’s why Kalano Housing is working hard to meet the housing needs of our community. In addition to renovating and upgrading existing homes to meet today’s safety standards, we have a strategic plan in place to build more homes in the near future and are working closely with government agencies to secure funding.

Maintaining a good standard of living is vital to individual and community wellbeing. A stable, safe, and sustainable home provides a foundation for a happy, successful life and we believe every member of our community deserves that opportunity. Our team is responsible for a wide range of services, from property repairs and maintenance in to reducing costs with new solar power options. With 83 dwellings and 73 tenancy houses to manage across the four communities we serve, in addition to important community facilities such as our kids playgrounds and sporting football ovals, we’re always working hard to keep our communities thriving and meet the needs of our members.

The Challenge

Addressing Housing Challenges

Kalano Housing, Municipal & Essential Services team are striving to meet our community’s needs with sustainable, affordable housing.

The Association has developed from a skeleton Organisation in 1975 which took an active responsibility for meeting the needs of a largely unaccommodated Aboriginal population living in makeshift and camp conditions on the outskirts of Katherine. It was originally established in the region to address shortfalls in localIndigenous Housing and provide Municipal & Essential Services. We have grown our housing portfolio over the years and currently own 17 houses in the Katherine township that our members live in, as well as servicing and tenancy managing our three member communities of Rockhole, Miali Brumby and Geyulkgan.

The Solution

In addition to making sure housing and community sites are well maintained, we’re constantly working to provide upgrades wherever possible through self-funded or grant funded projects. We have recently put in new fencing around the Kalano sports oval, upgraded community driveways, and installed solar lighting at playgrounds so kids can play in the evening after the sun goes down. We’re proud to play an important part in keeping our communities safe, sustainable, and clean.

We’re working hard to meet these goals:

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Housing, Municipal & Essential Services

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