CDP Community Projects

CDP Community Projects Driving Sustainable Change

CDP (Community Development Program) Community Projects represent a commitment to positive transformation and sustainable development within local communities. These projects are designed to address specific needs and aspirations identified by community members, fostering a collaborative approach to community building.

The CDP Community Projects encompass a diverse range of initiatives, including infrastructure development, employment opportunities, skill-building programs, and cultural projects. By actively involving community members in the planning and execution of these projects, CDP aims to empower individuals and strengthen the overall resilience of the community.

As we move towards a new program, services will continue through an extension of CDP provider arrangements being Community Projects up to October 2024. This will not be business as usual for our teams and we will be part of the current trials ensuring we capture learnings and work towards further strengthening community led approaches towards new jobs and economic development for our CDP participants.

This year Kalano has had great success developing the Swag Program that has a focus on engagement, relationship building, improving language, literacy and numeracy skills, building routine and teamwork, and supporting community driven small projects.

The Deadly Cooking Program has also been developed to build engagement and group work skills, bringing together providers and stakeholders such as local employers and Wurli Mum’s and Bubs group, with opportunities for training and jobs in the hospitality sector.