National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Kalano’s National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Kalano NDIS team have a wealth of experience, skills, and qualifications delivering supports to our valued clients that are personalised to their individual needs.

We aim to be creative and dynamic in our approach, providing experiences that are fun, inclusive and enhance the daily life of our clients with accommodation options in both Katherine and Darwin.

What We Offer

Our services adapt to the evolving needs of our participants, blending traditional service innovation with cutting-edge technology and modern practices.


Once you’ve set out your goals in your NDIS plan, you need to put this plan into practice – this is where Support Coordination comes in. Your Support Coordinator helps you better understand the NDIS, links you up with service providers that are right for you, and connects you to support networks, both mainstream and informal, that can help you live life your way. 

A Support Coordinator will work with you to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage the services you access, live with independence, and be involved in your community. We currently Provide Support Coordination to 50 participants throughout the Northern Territory.

Kalano NDIS Support

Empowering Lives,
Enabling Inclusion

The Kalano National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) initiative is a comprehensive program dedicated to providing tailored support and services for individuals with disabilities in the community. With a commitment to empowerment and inclusion, this program assists participants in navigating the NDIS framework, accessing appropriate services, and fostering independence.

Through personalized planning, the Kalano NDIS Support ensures that individuals with disabilities receive the necessary resources and assistance to enhance their quality of life. This may include support for daily living, specialized therapies, assistive technology, and community engagement activities. The program recognizes the unique needs and aspirations of each participant, working collaboratively to develop plans that reflect their goals.