Special Projects & Infrastructure

Major Projects in 2023-2024

Rockhole Community - Homelands, Housing & Infrastructure Program 6.5 million - Northern Territory Government

About the project: The housing and infrastructure upgrades to the Rockhole Community primarily focus on the repair and/or replacement of health hardware for the purpose of ensuring houses in the homelands are safe and occupants have the ability to carry out healthy living practices (HLPs). The upgrades are determined in consultation with the Rockhole community members. The project is focused firstly on safety, identifying urgent repairs and maintenance to housing and infrastructure. Secondly, the upgrades will improve the functionality of health hardware in houses in relation to better supporting HLPs. There is a focus on upgrading the internal road, solar lighting, and the wastewater treatment system.

Scope of Works 

Project works include the following upgrades:

• Housing upgrades of 22 houses.

• Internal road upgrade including improved draining and widening of existing road.

• Install hard stand driveways across all houses.

• Install a Rockhole Community map displaying homelands rules for members and visitors.

• Installation of solar lighting in public areas.

• Repair/replace holding tank at sanitation station

Miali Brumby Community - Installation of fences on all community houses $800,000.00 Investment - Kalano Community Association

About the project: In consultation with Miali Brumby community members, Kalano community Association is investing in new 6-foot fences for every house in the community to ensure better safety and security for our community members. Miali Brumby has been the beneficiary of various upgrade projects over the past 20years, with upgrades to the community roads and pathways, installation of solar systems, upgrades of community housing and other projects building the reputation of the well-kept community. The community housing fences were very old and damaged and through consultation with the members & Kalano council, the Association decided this would be an important project for the beautification and safety of the community and its members.

Benefits of project on community 

• Fencing upgrades to all Miali Brumby community houses.

• Local Indigenous fencing company carrying out the works with a 100% Indigenous workforce.

• Improving the safety & security for community members.

• Reducing the risk of incidents & animals entering properties.

• Safer social spaces & play areas for our community members and families

• Clear boundaries help define community yards & reduce disputes.