Rental Space

Modern Boardroom

Boardroom for hire for your next meeting, webinar, workshop or presentation.

Conveniently located just outside of downtown Katherine with plenty of free parking space. Only $100/day.


Complementary and reliable WiFi for all your presentations, webinars, call or video needs.


Our team will assist you in setting up your presentation with our own projector, for your convenience.


Providing four 3×6 white boards for all your brainstorming and strategic planning needs.

Private Access

Rest assured that you will have zero interruptions as our boardroom has its private access through our main entrance.


Keep your catering or lunch cool during your presentations with our large fridge and freezer.


Supplying you with a kettle, kitchen sink, coffee, and tea to keep you refreshed during your meeting.


Access to Kalano’s male and female bathroom facilities.


One of our team members will assist you to set up sound for presentation or video.